Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDayRoom no.
Surgical OncologyHepatobiliary CancerDr. Akash AgarwalTuesdayOPD Room - 2
Surgical OncologyHead & Neck Cancer Speciality ClinicDr. Ashish SinghalMondayOPD Room - 1
Surgical OncologyBreast & Gynae Cancer SpecialityDr. Ashish SinghalFridayOPD Room - 1

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDayStatusRadioisotope
Existing Facility:
Nuclear MedicineCa ThyroidDr. Satyawati DeswalMon,Wed & FriInpatient when required131 Iodine
Nuclear MedicineGraves DiseaseDr. Satyawati DeswalMon,Wed & FriOutpatient131 Iodine
Nuclear MedicineBone pain palliation for Bone metastasisProf.A. Malhotra & Dr. Satywati DeswalTuesday & ThursdayOutpatient153 Sm
Additional Facility:
Nuclear MedicineNeuroblastomaProf. A. MalhotraTuesday & ThursdayInpatient when required131 Iodine
Nuclear MedicineRheumatoid ArthritisConsultant Orthopaedics & Prof. A. MalhotraTuesday & ThursdayInpatient32 P Colloid intraarticular

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDay
NeurologyEpilepsy clinicDr. A.K. Thakkar & Dr. A.K. Singh1st Wed
NeurologyMovement Disorder clinicDr. P.k.Maurya & Dr. Dinkar Kulshrestha2nd Wed
NeurologyEpilepsy clinicDr. A.K. Thakkar & Dr. A.K. Singh3rd Wed
NeurologyMovement Disorder clinicDr. P.k.Maurya & Dr. Dinkar Kulshrestha4th Wed

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDay
UrologyUro OncologyDr. Ishwar Ram DhayalFriday

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDay
AnaesthesiologyPain ClinicTue, Thu
AnaesthesiologyPACAll week days

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDay
CardiologyPacemaker Clinic3rd and 4th Saturday

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDay
GastrosurgeryBariatric and Metabolic Surgery ClinicDr. Anshuman Pandey1st , 3rd and 5th Saturday
GastrosurgeryBariatric and Metabolic Surgery ClinicDr. Shakeel Masood2nd and 4th Saturday

Deptt.Speciality ClinicConsultantDayRoom No.
PMRSports Rehabilitation ClinicDr. Ravi GaurTuesdayRoom no. 13
PMRBariatric and Metabolic Surgery ClinicDr. Ravi GaurFridayRoom no. 13
PMRObesity & Life Style Rehabilitation ClinicDr. V.S. Gogia2nd & 4th SatRoom no. 13
Dr. Ravi Gaur1st,3rd & 5th Sat
Speciality Clinic
ConsultantDayLocation/Room No.
PMRPediatric Rehabilitation         -Wed (upto 11:30 AM) (half day) RPG 200 bed MC Referral Hospital
PMRPediatric Rehabilitation
         -Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri (upto  01:00 PM ) (along with routine PMR OPD)Dr. RMLIMS OPD-2/Room No. 46