Schedule for Radition Oncology Free Clinics.

    1. Cancer Support Group

    2. "Cancer Is Curable if treated early"
      Free Clinics: The need of cancer patients are not only limited to medical treatment. The patient may need non-medical support and care for their physical, emotional and cosmetic rehabilitation. We follow treatment to recovery programme where survivors are invaluable and the purpose of the cancer rehabilitation clinic is to contribute towards this cause. Trained Clinical Psychologist, volunteers including former cancer patient and health professionals conducts the clinic. Free counseling is offered and telephone helpline (0522-6692000, 6692001) is available for patient and families to receive guidance and support during difficult times. At present the clinic has 2 programmes:-
        The Breast Cancer Support Group:
      1. Patients along with one relative are asked to visit the counseling session on 4th to 7th day of surgery(mastectomy/lumpectomy).
      2. Patients are taught post-surgical exercises.
      3. A kit is given containing a cloth bag to carry post-surgical drain, soft ball for exercise, a scarf, a small bottle of coconut oil / talcum powder etc.
      4. Information leaflet regarding exercise, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, breast self-examination, coping as a family, lymphedema etc.
      5. Management of lymphedema (bandage, massage, compression garment).
      6. Both cotton and silicon breast prosthesis and mastectomy brassiere are provided at a no profit no loss basis.Assistance to find out suitable size of prosthesis.
      7. Contact numbers of wig makers, compression garments are provided.
      8. Group therapy sessions for breast cancer patients/ survivor.
      9. Library facility for patients and their families.
      10. Picnic and art competition for end of treatment patients and survivors.

        Head and Neck Cancer Support Group:
      1. Mouth opening exercise to be explained.
      2. Diet modification
      3. Maintenance of oral hygiene
      4. Device for assisting in mouth opening
      5. For those who undergo laryngectomy, patients are given guidance in speech therapy.
      All the programs are designed to offer information, guidance and moral support to patients and their families to deal with cancer treatment and to resume normal life surgery.
      Venue: Room # 105, First floor Oncology Bhawan,Timing: Monday- Friday,
      Department of Radiation Oncology 10 am to 4 pm
      Staff:-( Clinical psychologist)
        How can you help:
      1. Join the fight against cancer.
      2. Tell patients and the families about Cancer Support Group. Be a hospital Volunteer.
      3. Help to change social attitude towards cancer.
      4. Help by understanding the fear, anger, and helplessness of the patients and families.

        Please Remember:
      1. Cancer is Curable if treated early.
      2. Cancer is not contagious.
      3. Today most cancer patients can resume normal life after treatment.
      4. The most important things is to have positive attitude and determination to be yourself again soon.

      Contact us: 0522-6692000/6692001
      Inauguration ceremony of cancer support group

    1. Dietary Clinic

    2. Venue: Room #105, Ground Floor, Oncology Bhawan Timing: Monday to Friday
      10am – 4 pm

      • Diet Modification.
      • Maintenance of nutritional status by calculating and advising the actual requirement.

      Staff:-Anjulata Mishra (Dietician)

    3. Tobacco Cessation Clinics
      • Services:
      • Counseling
      • Providing Nicotine tablets
      • Information about Nicotine patches

      Tobacco Cessation Clinic

      Venue: Room # 2 ground floor Oncology Bhawan,Timing: - Every Saturday 
      Department of Radiation Oncology 10am - 12 pm
      Staff:-Dr. Madhup Rastogi
               Dr. Rahat Hadi
               Dr. Shantanu Sapru

    4. Women Cancer Screening

    5. Venue: Room #2, Ground Floor, Oncology Bhawan Timing: Every Saturday
      Department of Radiation Oncology 10am – 12 pm

      • Clinical breast examination for breast lumps.
      • Gynecological examination for irregular menses or vaginal discharge.
      • PAP Smear examination
      • Mammography or other relevant investigation.

      Staff:-Dr. Rohini Khurana