The Department was established in March 2009

About the Department:

The department of Radiodiagnosis of Dr. RMLIMS was started in March of 2009. The department has state of art latest equipment consisting of digital X-Ray machines, high end ultrasound equipment's, computerized mammography, BMD, Digital Fluoroscopy, MDCT and 3Tesla MRI. High quality diagnostic work including imaging of heart& vessels is being done in the department on all seven days of the week including holidays. Emergency services are provided by the department up-to 9pm for X-Rays, CT & MRI. Portable machines are available for bed side X-Rays of the patients. Interventional procedures such as drainage, biopsy, PTBD& PCN etc. are being done in the department. In near future the department will be acquiring C-ARM& DSA for advanced interventional work. Efforts are also being made for acquiring Breast Tomography machine. This will help in very early detection of breast cancer. We aspire to make it one of best departments of the country.

Location: Oncology Building

Senior Resident: Two in no.

  1. Dr. Simran Singh
  2. Dr. Balajee Yadav


  1. BMD
  2. Computerized Radiography
  3. Digital Radiography
  4. DRF
  5. MDCT- 64 Slice with PIGA arm
  6. Mammography
  7. MRI -3 Tesla
  8. Portable X-Ray machines – 2 in number
  9. Ultrasound- 3 in no

Courses Offered: MD

Areas of Expertise: Diagnostic & Interventional work

Research Staff: Nil

Awards and Achievements:

  1. Dr. Gaurav Raj, Additional Professor, Radiodiagnosis completes one year prestigious fellowship in Abdominal & Pelvis Imaging from Ottawa Medical University, Canada and rejoins the Institute. Dr. Gaurav Raj Agarwal who joined Dr RMLIMS institute in Feb 2011, was selected for the prestigious abdominal imaging fellowship from Ottawa Medical University, Canada. He proceeded for the fellowship on study leave and successfully completed his one year tenure in this subspecialty which focuses on cancer imaging of abdomen & pelvis along with non vascular interventions and biopsies. He has rejoined the institute and would be introducing cancer screening programmes in the department of radiodiagnosis soon.

Technical Staff:

  1. Vinod Sharma (Tech. I)
  2. Arun Kumar Rai (Tech. I)
  3. Dinesh Kumar Ratnakar (Tech. II)
  4. Vinod Chaudhary (Tech. II)
  5. Prem Verma (Tech. II)
  6. Rohit Raheja (Tech. II)
Prof. Ragini Singh
Designation: Professor (Radiodiagnosis) (Ex)
Degree: MBBS, DMRE Radiology, MD Radiology

Dr. Gaurav Raj Agarwal
Designation: Professor
Degree: MD
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Dr.Abhishek Chauhan
Designation: Professor (Junior Grade)
Degree: MBBS,MD
Field of work: Radiodiagnosis ,Intervention Radiology
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Dr Shamrendra Narayan
Designation: Professor Junior Grade
Degree: MBBS, MD
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Dr. Tushant Kumar
Designation: Professor Junior Grade
Degree: MBBS, MD (Radiodiagnosis), PDCC (Neuro radiology)
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Dr. Neha
Designation: Associate Professor (Radiodiagnosis)
Degree: MBBS, MD
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