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Facilities: Conventional Radiotherapy, 3 DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, SRS, SRT, Palliative Radiotherapy,Chemotherapy, Teaching and Training

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Research Staff: Dr S P Mishra (Scientist)

Technical staff: Kiran Kumar,Sunil Masih,Manisha Bedi,Gufran,Juhi Srivastava

Course Offered: MD

Ram Manohar Lohia Cancer Support Group

Clinic services The needs of cancer patient are not only limited to medical treatment. The patients need support and care for their physical, emotional and cosmetic rehabilitation. We follow the treatment to recovery programme where survivors are invaluable and the purpose of the cancer rehabilitation clinic is to contribute towards this cause.

Trained volunteers including former cancer patients and health professionals conduct the clinic. Free counseling is offered and telephone helplines are available for patient and families to receive guidance and support during difficult times.

At present the clinic has 3 programmes-

  1. The Breast cancer support group
    1. Patients along with one relative are asked to visit this counselling session on 4th to 7th day of surgery while still admitted (at a given time in a week preferably a group to be addressed)
    2. Care of drain is explained, Patients are taught post-surgical exercises
    3. A kit is given containing a cloth bag to carry drain, soft ball for exercise, a scarf, small bottle of coconut oil, etc.
    4. Information leaflet regarding exercise, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, breast self examination.
    5. Information on breast prosthesis, wig makers, compression bandage. Help is provided to fit temporary breast forms and prosthesis.
  2. The Head and neck cancer support group
    1. Mouth opening exercises, neck exercise explained
    2. Diet modification
    3. Maintainence of oral hygiene
    4. Device for assisting in mouth opening
    5. For those who undergo laryngectomy, patients are given guidance in speech therapy
  3. Dietary counselling
    1. For those who undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy a nutritious diet in a for that can be taken by the patient is advised and a diet chart is prepared according to individual patient needAll the programmes are designed to offer information, guidance and moral support to the patient and their families to deal with therapy and to resume normal life surgery.
      Group counseling sessions are held every month.


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