OPD Schedule :


Name of the Faculty


OPD Days



Clinical Faculty


Dr. Satyawati Deswal

Thyroid Clinic

Mon, Fri

High Dose therapy


Dr. Shashwat Verma

Thyroid Clinic

Wed, Fri

Dr. Satyawati Deswal

Dr. Shashwat Verma

Bone Pain Palliation for Bone metastasis

Tues & Thurs

Non Clinical Faculty


Dr. Dhananjay Kr. Singh




Teaching program schedule :




October 2019

01/10/2019 Tues



04/10/2019 Fri

Neurotransmitters in Brain

Dr. Satyawati Deswal

07/10/2019 Mon

99mTc abeled Radiopharmaceuticals (part-1)

Mr. Shashank Shekhar ojha

08/10/2019 Tues



09/10/2019 to 12/10/2019

(10:00am to 01:00 pm)

Lectures & Practical

By Visiting faculty

(Dr. GS Pant)

14/10/2019 Mon

Basic Epidemiological Concepts

Dr. Shambhavi Mishra

15/10/2019 Tues



18/10/2019 Fri

99mTc abeled Radiopharmaceuticals (part-2)

Mr. Manish Kumar

21/10/2019 Mon

CNS Anatomy (Part-1)

Dr. Shashwat Verma

22/10/2019 Tues



25/10/2019 Fri

Molecular Imaging Probe

Dr. Shashwat Verma

28/10/2019 Mon


Dr. Shambhavi Mishra

29/10/2019 Tues



November 2019

01/11/2019 Fri

Nuclear Reactions

Dr. Dhananjay K Singh

04/11/2019 Mon

Journal Club

Rimpa Mudi

05/11/2019 Tues



08/11/2019 Fri

Testing of Hypothesis(2)

Dr. Shambhavi Mishra

11/11/2019 Mon

Volumetric Analysis, laboratory Instruments & lab safety mechanism

Dr. Dhananjay K Singh

12/11/2019 Tues



15/11/2019 Fri


Purshottam Singh

18/11/2019 Mon

Influence of LET & RBE

Dr. SP Mishra

19/11/2019 Tues



22/11/2019 Fri

Radiolabelling of cells

Dr. Shashwat Verma

25/11/2019 Mon

Target theory/Multihit theory

Dr. SP Mishra

26/11/2019 Tues



29/11/2019 Fri


Mr. Subhash Kheruka

Jan-Feb 2020

16/01/2020 Thurs

Spectrometer & its QC – Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Dr. Dhananjay kr. Singh

18/01/2020 Sat

Radiation Detector

Gas filled Detector, Scintillation & Semiconductor

Mr. Subhash Kheruka

23/01/2020 Thurs

Journal Club

Purshottam Singh

25/01/2020 Sat

Electronic Instrumentation for Radiation Detection System

Mr. Subhash kheruka

30/01/2020 Thurs

Anatomy & Physiology of digestive  System

Dr. Satyawati Deswal

01/02/2020 Sat

Image Quality in Nuclear Medicine

Mr. Subhash kheruka

06/02/2020 Thurs

Biology of Cancer & Basic Medical Terminology

Dr. Shashwat Verma

08/02/2020 Sat

Rectilinear  Scanner & Gamma Scanner , Collimator system

Mr. Subhash kheruka

13/02/2020 Thurs

Problems in Radiation Detection & Measurement

Dr. Dhananjay kr. Singh

15/02/2020 Sat

Thyroid Uptake Probe & QC of Radiation Protection Instrumentation

Mr. Subhash kheruka

20/02/2020 Thurs


Dr. Satyawati Deswal

22/02/2020 Sat

Anatomy & Physiology of Respiratory System

Dr. Shashwat Verma

27/02/2020 Thurs

Journal Club

Prerana Rana

Department Facilities :




Dual Head Gamma Camera SPECT-CT and Thyroid uptake probe

Isolation room for Radioiodine therapy

Thyroid clinic and Bone pain palliation clinic

128 slice TOF PET CT Scan

Other instruments available: Treadmill withECG monitor, complete radio-pharmacy with all the quality control equipments,quality control phantoms and calibration sources, all radiation monitoring andpersonnel monitoring devices.

Gamma Camera Procedures performed:Thyroid scan, Parathyroid scan,Myocardial Perfusion scan, MUGA, Renogram, DMSA scan, DTPA scan, GFR,Radionuclide MCU, Bone scan, Lung Perfusion & Ventilation scan,Liver-spleen scan, Hepatobillary scan, Meckel scan, Brain SPECT, GI bleeding,Gastric emptying and GER scan and Dacryoscintigraphy.

Therapeutic Nuclear MedicineProcedures:Out patient I-131 therapy for thyrotoxicosis and Samarium therapy for bone painpalliation. Inpatient high dose radio-iodine therapy for metastatic thyroidcancer.

PET-CT Facility:

The department has 128 slice TOF Philips PET-CT scanner whichhas been fully functional since Sep 2018.

Training & Courses :

Academics: The department has AERB approved M.Sc. NuclearMedicine course since 2015 affiliated to Lucknow University with presently 6seats sanctioned per year. Regular classes, internal assessments and semesterexams are conducted. CME’s and guest lecturers have been organized from time totime.

CMEconducted by the Department :

CME on Nuclear Thyroidologyin Jan, 2016.

CME onApplication of FDG PET-CT in non-oncologic conditions in Sep, 2019. 



 Guest lecturers delivered by the Guest faculty:

Guest Lecture onNuclear Cardiology by Richard Underwood.  

Guest lecturesby Dr Shambhavi Mishra.

Guest lecturesby Dr Subhash Kheruka.

Guest lecturesby Dr G.S Pant.


Guest lecturers delivered by the  Departmental faculty :


Name of the Faculty



Dr. Dhananjay Kr. Singh

PET/MR and Molecular Imaging

PET-CT and its application

Basic concept and Evaluation of SPECT and SPECT CT system

Digital ERA: Need to Understand DICOM








Theinception of the Department of Nuclear Medicine goes back to year 2010 The OPD startedin 2011 with the weekly two days. The Gamma camera was acquired in the year2013 and since then the number of daily scans which have been performed  have both increased in number as well asindications which we have been doing the scan. The number of the OPD days hasbeen increased now we have been doing OPD for five days in a week with thepatient input of almost 45 to 50 Patients per OPD. We are treating bothhypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism with the help of Radioiodine. We arealso conducting special OPD for thyroid cancer patients for which we are admittingthe patient to isolation ward. We also are seeing patients for bone painpalliation and treating them with Samarium-153 therapy. In August 2018 PET CTmachine was installed and after the installation almost more than thousand PETscans have been performed for various oncological & non oncologicalindications. We are in plan for expansion for Department with other modalitieslike PET MR, Cyclotron, PET CT guided biopsy, Second Gamma Camera. We are alsoin process of starting DNB courses for which the application is under process.


1) HOD:

2) Start date of the department: Year 2009

3) About the department:

Nuclear Medicine imaging procedures, which are noninvasive, safe and painless, are used in diagnosis and management of treatment:

  1. Cancer,Heart disease,,,,
  2. Brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Gastrointestinal disorders
  4. Lung disorders
  5. Bone disorders
  6. Kidney and thyroid disorders

The Nuclear medicine facility is located in Oncology Bhawan. We are performing routine clinical work involving gamma camera SPECT-CT imaging, radionuclide low dose (on OPD basis) and high dose (inpatient therapy), as well as for student teaching and conducting interdepartmental clinical discussion/ meetings.

The government has approved one Time of Flight (TOF) PET-CT and one dual head gamma camera under consideration for the Nuclear Medicine department. The facility will be functional earliest by end of 2014.

Two room isolation ward high dose radionuclide therapy facility are functional since June, 2013.

We are providing a large range of nuclear medicine investigations as well as therapeutic services.

Know more about Nuclear Medicine click here...

4) Location: First floor, Oncology Building
Contact No.:
HOD, Nuclear Medicine office: 05222305400, extension 4032
Reception Nuclear Medicine: 05222305400, extension 4045

5) Senior Residents: One (01), Dr. Himanshu

6) Facilities:Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Clinic Click Here


  1. SPECT-CT: The department has state of art dual head SPECT-CT (16 slice CT). Single photon emission tomography (SPECT) permits 3D reconstruction of data, increasing the sensitivity and anatomical localization of lesions in the skeleton, brain and heart.
  1. Thyroid Uptake probe
  2. TMT- Used for stress myocardial perfusion imaging.

Services offered by the department as follow-

Numerous diagnostic and therapeutic services are offered at present. For full list of services, please click here.

Diagnostic: Click here...
Therapeutic: Click here...

7) Courses Offered:

  1. M.Sc (Nuclear Medicine)
  2. MD Nuclear Medicine : Waiting for approval from MCI.
  3. Short-term training in Nuclear Medicine for DNB and Nuclear Medicine Technology Students.

8) Activities: Department of Nuclear Medicine is actively involved in teaching and training of medical physicist, technician, nurses and other paramedical staff about radiation safety in diagnostic as well as therapeutic nuclear medicine.

9) Area of research expertise: Nuclear Cardiology, Nuclear nephro-urology, Nuclear oncology and Nuclear endocrinology

10) Research Staff: One (01) Dhananjay Kumar Singh, Scientist “B”

11) Technical Staff:

Sr. No Name Designation Education qualification
1 Mr. Gaurav Kumar Sinha Nuclear Medicine Technologist B.Sc. NMT, DNMT
2 Mr. Balesh Kumar Technician B.Sc. MIT
3 Mr. Rudra Narayan Singh Technician B.Sc. Physics

12) Future Prospective plan:

  1. State of art PET-CT facility will be made available by the end of this financial year.
  2. Sentinel Lymph node probe.

Know more about PET & PET-CT Click here..

Dr. Satyawati Deswal
Designation: Professor
Degree: MBBS, MD
Field of work: Nuclear Medicine
Email: satyadeswal@rediffmail.com
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Dr. Shashwat Verma
Designation: Associate Professor ( Nuclear Medicine)
Degree: MBBS, DNB ( Nuclear Medicine)

Dr. Dhananjay Kr Singh
Designation: Assistant Professor ( Medical Physics)
Degree: MSc, PhD
Email: dkpalam@gmail.com