Faculty list:

1.      Dr.Ashish Chandra Agarwal,


Additional Professor.

UG teaching:

Teaching and training of MBBS students who are posted in ENT clinics is done Monday to Saturday.

Resident academics:

Mondays :Seminar/ Journal club by Senior resident.

Tuesdays:Case presentation by Junior resident.

OPD Schedule:

Monday: Dr. Mohit Sinha
Tuesday: Dr. Ashish Chandra Agarwal
Wednesday: Dr. Charu Singh
Thursday: Dr. Ashish Chandra Agarwal
Friday: Dr. Charu Singh, and Dr. Abhijeet Singh (Head & Neck Cancer Clinic)
Saturday: Dr. Mohit Sinha

Surgical facilities available for:
. Surgery for discharging ear and hearing loss

. Surgery for facial nerve paralysis

. Deviated nasal septum

. Chronic sinusitis, nasal polyposis (FESS)

 . Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy

. Thyroidectomy

. Submandibular gland excision

. Parotid gland excision

. cysts and fistulas in the neck


    1. Taruni Lalchandani, Ashish Chandra Agarwal, Sugandha Jauhari, Shamrendra Narayan, TanuMisra. Role of Barium Swallow in Globus Pharyngeus: An Observational Study.Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2019 Oct. Vol-13(10): MC01-MC04.

    2. Rakesh Srivastava, Ashish ChandraAgarwal, Shishir Agarwal, Manu Pathak. High Flow Nasal Cannula: A Game Changerin Airway Surgery. Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery2019 71(3):299-302.

    3. Rakesh Srivastava, Ashish Chandra Agarwal, Issac MMacharia. Post- tubercular upperairway stenosis: Our experience. International journal of Phonosurgery &Laryngology 2020;10(1):25- 28

    4. Ashish Chandra Agarwal, Anitya Srivastava, Manodeep Sen. Chronic suppurative otitis media and Microbial flora: Adult Versus Pediatric population. Indian Journal of Otology 2020.


    1.      Microbiological profile in the ear ofpatients with chronic suppurative otitis media.

    2.      ENT manifestations in patients sufferingfrom COVID 19: a study from a COVID hospital in North India. 

ContinuingMedical education:    

    1.      Laryngology update. 7th March2020


Faculty :
              Dr. Ashish Chandra Agarwal
              MBBS, MS (ENT), MRCS (Edinburgh)
              Assistant Professor.

Fellowships received:
              1. International Visiting Scholarship by the American Academy of Otolaryngology in 2016
              2. Accepted for Endeavour Executive Fellowship by the Australian Government in 2017.

Residents: - The department has 1 senior and 1 junior resident


To be the most preferred choice of students, patients and faculty for training, healthcare and research in the speciality of otorhinolaryngology.

Vision :

Excellence in all the aspects of health care needs of the community through ethical practices.

Future planning for the development of the department:

OPD Services:

Comprehensive outdoor patient services would be given to the patients visiting the ENT OPD of the institute. Along with the provision for a complete Ear, Nose and Throat clinical examination, there will be facilities like microscopic examination of the ear, nasal and laryngeal endoscopy. The out-patient clinic would be subdivided into-

   Allergy clinic- This will have facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from seasonal and perennial allergies.

   Vestibular clinic- This will cater to the patient having balance disorders. Facilities like Electronystagmography (ENG) and vestibular rehabilitation therapy will be provided.

   Speech and audiology clinic- The OPD will work in collaboration with the department of speech pathology and audiology to cater to the needs of patients having voice and hearing disorders.

   Minor procedure room- This will be utilized for doing wound dressing, suture removal, taking FNAC and tracheostomy care.

   The unit will be well equipped to tackle emergencies like breathing difficulty, nose/ ear/ oral cavity bleeding.

   There will be a seminar room where clinical teaching of the students and patient awareness programmes will be conducted.

In-patient services:

The ENT ward will have facilities to take care of the patients having ailments requiring medical and surgical management. While planning the arrangement in the ward specific attention would be given to prevent the spread of nosocomial infections. The ward would be equipped with state of the art monitoring devices for round the clock patient care. There will also be arrangements for bedside teaching of students.

OT services:

The operation theatre will be well equipped for performing routine and advanced ENT surgeries. In the beginning procedures like adeno-tonsillectomy, endoscopic sinus surgery, mastoido-tympanoplasty, thyroidectomy and salivary gland excision would be done. Later, cochlear implantation, removal of skull base lesions, LASER assisted endolaryngeal surgeries and phonosurgery would be started. Provisions will be made for students so that they can observe the procedures being done in the operating room.

Teaching and research:

There will be facilities for teaching undergraduate students as per the guidelines of the Medical Council of India. This will include theory classes as well as clinical postings. There will be periodic assessment of the students in the form of regular seminars and internal examinations. Latest teaching methodologies will be used for this purpose. The emphasis will be on problem based interactive teaching. Arrangements will be made to take up post graduate teaching later on. The department will promote high quality research in the field of ENT. For this a robust documentation system will be followed and latest, peer reviewed, indexed speciality journals will be utilized. There will be a temporal bone lab for training the students and faculty in the nuances of mastoid and lateral skull base surgeries.


The ENT department will work in collaboration with the departments of Anatomy, Surgical oncology, Neurosurgery, Pharmacology, Audiology and Radiology, to name a few, for clinical work, training and research. This would also help the department to conduct workshops and CME's on a regular basis.

It is also planned that once the department is fully functional it will be divided into otology, rhinology and head & neck- laryngology divisions. This will help in advanced clinical work and research in respective fields.

Dr. Ashish Chandra Agarwal
Designation: Additional Professor
Degree: MBBS, MS, MRCS
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