Head of Department: Dr. Ashish Singhal MS, MCh

The department of surgical oncology at Dr RMLIMS was established in January 2011 with the joining of first faculty in the department. Until the early '90s, North India did not have a hospital to provide exclusive cancer care under one roof. Patients had to go either to the overcrowded Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai or Medical College Lucknow. With the establishment of surgical oncology department at Dr RMLIMS, now people don't need to run to Mumbai or Delhi for specialised treatment. Dr RMLIMS surgical oncology mission is to become a leader in cancer treatment, cancer prevention, education, and research. Understanding that patients are supreme and they must be served with love and devotion, Dr RMLIMS desires to fight and win the battle against cancer.

The guiding principle at Dr RMLIMS is to offer people with cancer the most effective treatment and the highest quality of care. Within the Integrative Medicine Service, our experienced therapists are fully trained and certified. They have been carefully selected for their symptom management skills and sensitivity to patient needs. Several new concepts and facilities have been established and planned for the department. Dr RMLIMS offers comprehensive facilities for management of cancer patients in the super speciality areas of Surgical Oncology.

The faculty at the Department of Surgical Oncology is capable of performing a diverse range of oncological surgeries in the areas of Head & Neck cancer, Breast cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Gastrointestinal malignancies and Gynaecological cancers. The Department of Surgical Oncology is ably supported by the multi-disciplinary environment of the hospital providing reconstructive, facio-maxillary, thoracic, urological, gastroenterological surgical care. The hospital also provides the finest equipment and qualified staff in its world class operating theatres and intensive care units making surgery safe for the patient. The department also has facilities for day care as well as inpatient chemotherapy.

Dr RMLIMS conducts O.P.D. for Surgical Oncology 6 days a week and is backed by high end diagnostic and histopathology laboratory (with facility for frozen section), with excellent support from radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. The department also runs speciality clinics for head and neck cancer on Monday, hepatobiliary clinic on Tuesday and breast / gynaecological cancer clinic on Friday to provide highly specialised holistic care.

The department has state of the art hermetically sealed modular theatres with both hand and foot operated sliding sensor doors operation theatre with Laminar flow, Twin plate X-Ray viewing box flashed with the wall, electro hydraulic operating tables. All theatres are provided with continuous central supply for oxygen, nitrous oxide, high and low pressure air at required flow and pressures. theatres are fitted with extra ceiling mounted endoscopic pendants with central supply of carbon dioxide for laparoscopic surgeries, Uninterrupted electricity supply through UPS is ensured in the theatres, The spacious pre and postoperative areas are fitted with modern monitors along with other paraphernalia for continuous observation of patients. Advanced equipments like -harmonic scalpel, vessel sealing system, CUSA, Advanced laparoscopic surgery system, Operating microscopes, High speed electric drill system for head and neck surgery, Luminous laser, APC Coagulator

The following surgical procedures are being performed routinely in the department –

  1. Breast cancer and oncoplastic surgery
  2. Head and neck cancer treatment
  3. Whipple's procedure
  4. Sphincter preserving Surgery for rectal cancer
  5. Colonic cancer treatment
  6. Lung cancer surgery
  7. Stomach and oesophagus cancer
  8. Gall bladder cancer surgery
  9. Liver cancer surgery
  10. Bone and Soft tissue sarcoma surgery
  11. Minimally invasive surgery in cancer

Present data

  1. Number of OPD registrations: 1 .0 Lac
  2. Number of surgeries: 10000

Faculty: Dr. Ashish Singhal, Dr. Akash Aggarwal , Dr. Vikas Sharma

Senior residents:  Dr Bimlesh Thakur, Dr Gaurav Singh, Dr C . Ray

Courses offered: MCh course in surgical oncology

Research staff: none

Activities: CME on Gall bladder Cancer 2017, Head and neck Awadh summit 2019

Dr.Ashish Singhal
Designation: Professor
Degree: MS, M.Ch.
Email: ashishpgi@yahoo.co.in
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Dr.Akash Agarwal
Designation: Professor, Surgical Oncology
Degree: MS,MCh (Surgical Oncology)
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Dr Vikas Sharma
Designation: Associate Professor
Degree: MS, M.Ch.
Email: dr.vs8070@gmail.com
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