Faculty list and OPD schedule:

Dr.Abhilash Chandra, Associate Professor & Head

OPD days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2nd & 4th Saturdays(Renal Transplant Clinic)

Dr.Namrata Rao S, Assistant Professor

OPD Days: Tuesday, Friday, 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays (Renal Transplant Clinic)

Courses Offered:

DNB Superspecialty programme (Nephrology) starting from August 2019

Teaching schedule for DNB Nephrology programme:

Case discussions: All Tuesdays (4 pm)

Journal Club: 1st and 3rd Wednesday (4 pm)

Seminar:  2nd Wednesday (4 pm)

Faculty Lecture: 4th Wednesday (4 pm)

Nephro-Pathology Meet: 2nd Saturday (10 am)

About the department:

The Department of Nephrology deals with acute and chronic diseases affecting the kidneys, including provision of renal replacement therapies and renal transplantation services. We look forward to providing compassionate,sophisticated and affordable kidney care to the common man.

Hospital services:


Nephrology ward: 20 beds

Kidney Transplant Unit: 8 beds

Dialysis Day Care Ward: 15 beds

Procedures performed:

Acute and maintenance hemodialysis, including slow therapies and hemodiafiltration

Acute and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, including catheter insertions

Continuousrenal replacement therapies for critically ill patients requiring renal support

Ultrasound-guided renal biopsies

Ultrasound-guided IJV cuffed and uncuffed catheter placements

Creationof arteriovenous fistula (radiocephalic & brachiocephalic)

Chronology of achievements and milestones in patient services:

Renal transplant started on 14.12.2016




The department offers management of inpatients and runs OPD on thrice a week basis. we offer a state of the art Hemodialysis unit. We look forward to create a compassionate, competent, caring and motivated health work force with the motive to help most sophisticated and affordable health care reach the common man.

Location: Fourth floor, dialysis unit ext. No. 2185

Senior residents: none

Facilities: Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis to be started soon

Courses offered: none

Areas of expertise: vascular access for Hemodialysis like ijvc, AV fistula, Perma cath., etc; renal biopsy

Dr.Abhilash Chandra
Designation: Professor (Junior Grade)
Degree: MBBS, DM
Field of work: Nephrology

Dr Namrata Rao
Designation: Associate Professor
Degree: MBBS, MD, DM