Department of Pathology
E.  Molecular Pathology Lab: Molecular Pathology Laboratory at the institute is a full-service diagnostic and research laboratory that is focussed on performing cutting-edge clinical molecular tests for inherited disorders, leukaemia, lymphomas, solid tumours and infectious diseases. Molecular genetics, DNA, RNA qualitative assays are routinely being done from molecular diagnosis of Hemophilia and quantification of HPV , BCR-ABL mutation.
  • Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge
  • Gel Electrophoresis System
  • Gel Documentation system
  • Thermal Cycler (S-1000; BioRad)
  • CFX96 Real Time PCR System
  • Smart Spec  Plus Spectrophotometer-Biorad
  • Hybridizer for FISH
  • Metasystems ISIS software for FISH analysis
  • PCR workstation
  • High end fluorescent microscope from Ziess with software for cytogenetics analysis
  • Universal mutation detection system-Biorad
F. Cytogenetics Lab (to be started shortly):  Peripheral and bone marrow cultures for karyotyping analysis in various cancers and inherited disorders.
G. TelepathologyThe telepathology services include two aspects:
a. Diagnostic Work: Invited teleconsultants from India and abroad. E-Scanned slides are uploaded online for expert opinion.
b. Teaching: e-slides of Interesting Cases, short courses are uploaded on slide for general viewing for residents and younger pathologists.
C, To provide online conferencing and webinars
website:    link
Equipment: Ziess Microscope AxioImager Z2 with slide scanning facility amd Metafer software , High speed internet with MPLS line and hardware, Videoconferencing facilities
Tests available at Department of Pathology Click here
Courses Offered:
MD Pathology (2 seats, Affiliation with King George’s Medical University)
Ph.D.:-2 recognized guides in the Department:
  1. Prof. Nuzhat Husain (HOD)
  2. Dr. Pradyumn Singh
Ph.D. Degree will be awarded from KGMU, Lucknow
Short term training/internships programs for Bachelors and Masters Students of Life Sciences
Technicians Training program
PDCC (Applied for Oncopathology at Indian College of Pathologists)
Senior Residency Training Program ( 4 seats, maximum  duration 3 years)
Department of Pathology had organized several CME, Workshops and camps:-
Seminars/CME/Meetings Organized:
"International Symposium on Molecular Pathology"; 14th Feb 2011
"International Update in Pathology"; 31st Jan 2012.
"Seventh Academic Meeting of Lucknow Pathologists Group"; 25th Feb 2012.
"Hands on Training on Sample Collection"; 20th Sept, 2012.
"Basics of Quality Control in Medical Laboratory"; 17th Oct. 2012.
"Meeting of Lucknow Haematology and Transfusion Medicine Group"; 20th October 2012
"CME and Screening Camp for Women Cancer and Update in Breast and Cervical Cancer"; 4th-5th Feb 2013
Camps organized:
Super Specialty Free Checkup Camp on 29th Jan 2011
Super Specialty Multi-Purpose Health Free Checkup Camp on 9th Oct 2011
Screening Camp for Women Cancer on 5th Feb. 2013
Activities in Research: click here
Areas of Research expertise: Neuropathology, Breast cancer, Thyroid cancer, Oral Pathology, GI pathology, Lung pathology, Gynaec Pathology, Neurocysticercosis (NC), Genetic studies in Hemophilia A, Cytogenetic studies
Research Staff:
Women Scientist- Dr. Shikha Tiwari, PhD
Senior Research Fellow- Ms. Priyanka Soni, MSc
Research Fellows- Ms. Swati Jaiswal, MSc
  Mr. Sridhar Mishra, MSc
  Mr. Shiv Brat Upadhyay, MSc
  Ms. Vineeta Singh, MSc
Technical staff:
Technicians- Ravindra Kumar (SR-Tech.)
  Yashveer Singh Chauhan
  Abhishek Bajpai
  Ashok Kumar
  Manish Upadhyay
  Richa Sharan Chaturvedi,
Lab Assistants- TD Rao
  Ran Bahadur
  Dileep Kumar
  Deep Chandra Joshi