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Department of Pathology
HOD with contact No.: Dr.Nuzhat Husain, Professor & Head, Pathology.
  • The Department of Pathology at RMLIMS has been upgraded to the State referral Centre for Lab Investigations. It has been planned as a complete state of art investigation service with an academic and research focus. The department has facilities for high end investigations not available at most government hospitals in the state. The department is focused to act as a cost effective referral service for the benefit of residents of Uttar Pradesh and to avoid diagnostic difficulties for poor patients. We are providing a large range of investigations at low cost and high quality.
  • The department is also high on research activity and several research proposals are functional in the department. A high publication output exists and collaborations have been established with several centers. The department also provides support for large scale facility for cancer screening program for example PAP screening of populations for diagnosis of cancer cervix etc. A thin prep cytology system with a slide imager has been procured to increase efficiency of screening.
  • A web based telepathology link has also been created. Further expansion and invitation of consultants in India and abroad for linking in this network is in pipeline. The slide scanning facility allows E-slides to be prepared and viewed by consultants at distant sites.
The department is divided into the following sub-specialty labs:
A. Histopathology & Cytology Lab: Histology laboratory provides routine diagnostic and specialized histopathology as well Immunohistochemistry services. Histopathology labs have a fully automated immunohistochemistry lab with an extensive list of available antibodies that are optimized and in use. A major fraction of the specimen involves oncopathology, apart from broad spectrum of all diseases. Neuropathology including neurooncology and muscle and nerve biopsies is done. Frozen section facility is also run by the department.
  • Microtomes 3 (Microm HM 340E & HM 325: Thermo Scientific; RM2245:Leica)
  • Automated Tissue Processor: Leica TP1020 (Leica)
  • Automated Tissue Embedding Station: Tissue Tek TEC (Sakura)
  • Yorco Slide warming Table (2)
  • Yorco Tissue Floatation Bath (2)
  • Auto Stainer –Sakura Finetek, Japan
  • Autoimmunostainer from Dakopatts, Denmark
  • Cryostat; Microm HM 550 (Thermo scientific): For Frozen Sections
  • Thin Prep Cytology System; Thin Prep 2000 CYTYC, with slide imager: Thin prep Cytology for gynaec and non gynaec screening
  • Metafer-4 and V slide software for slide scanning
  • Cytocentrifuge Cyto-tech, Labcon
  • Hybridizer for FISH-1
  • Autostainer with Antigen retrieval system (for IHC)- (Dakopatts, Denmark)
  • Cytocentrifuge-1 (Microm)
  • Mutliheader microscope- 1
  • Automated Slide stainers-2
B. Haematology Lab: A well-equipped haematology lab is functioning with the high end facilities of flowcytometry, automated counters, coagulolmeter etc. Haematology Laboratory offers a wide range of tests, using advanced automated technology, as well as consultative services in the diagnosis of haematological diseases
Flowcytometry: Dual Laser 4-colour,BD FACS Calibur( BD Biosciences) Flowcytometer is functioning with the facilities of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Immunophenotyping, Stem cell Count(Trucount), Lymphocyte subset enumeration, DNA ploidy studies etc.
  • Auto ESR System
  • Three part automated cell counters-Merck
  • Five part automated cell counter-Sysmex 2000i
  • Stago Start (Stago) Coagulometer
  • Flowcytometer BD FACS Calibur
  • Autostainer, Sakura Finetek, Japan
    Trinocular  microscope with camera
C. Immunopathology Lab: RMLIMS institute provides the Complete Health Check-Up Solution. Hormones, Tumour Markers, Drug Assays, Auto Antibodies, Protein electrophoresis, Hemoglobin electrophoresis and other tests are routinely being done.
  • Automated ELISA system : Multiskan Ex (Thermo Scientific)
  • Elisa Washer Erba Lisa Wash (Transasia)
  • Capillary Electrophoresis system (Sebia)
  • Chemiluminiscence Assay system (Immunlite 1000, Siemens) for hormone, tumour markers and drug assays.
  • Fluorescence Microscopy with software for IF analysis
DBiochemistry Lab: Providing all routine and high end investigations including glucose, Lipid profile, cardiac profile, LFT, electrolytes, KFT, and HbA1C estimation along with screening for β- Thalessemia by estimation of Hb A2 and HbF
  • Random Access Analyzers XL-640 ( Erba; Transasia)
  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer with ISE (Beckman Coulter)
  • Semi automated Biochemistry analyzer (Erba; Transasia)
  • Spectrophotometer UV-1102, Biorad
  • Electrolyte Analyzer (Analyte)
  • Automated Urine analysis system; Uro Dip Check 3000 (Erba; Transasia)
  • HPLC D10 analyzer from Bio-Rad for HbA1C & Thalessemia profile
  • Micro sample Osmometer
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