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Department of Nuclear Medicine
1) HOD:
2) Start date of the department: Year 2009
3) About the department:
Nuclear Medicine imaging procedures, which are noninvasive, safe and painless, are used in diagnosis and management of treatment:
  1. Cancer,Heart disease,,,,
  2. Brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Gastrointestinal disorders
  4. Lung disorders
  5. Bone disorders
  6. Kidney and thyroid disorders

The Nuclear medicine facility is located in Oncology Bhawan. We are performing routine clinical work involving gamma camera SPECT-CT imaging, radionuclide low dose (on OPD basis) and high dose (inpatient therapy), as well as for student teaching and conducting interdepartmental clinical discussion/ meetings.

The government has approved one Time of Flight (TOF) PET-CT and one dual head gamma camera under consideration for the Nuclear Medicine department. The facility will be functional earliest by end of 2014.

Two room isolation ward high dose radionuclide therapy facility are functional since June, 2013.

We are providing a large range of nuclear medicine investigations as well as therapeutic services.
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4) Location: First floor, Oncology Building

Contact No.:

HOD, Nuclear Medicine office: 05222305400, extension 4032

Reception Nuclear Medicine: 05222305400, extension 4045
5) Senior Residents: One (01), Dr. Himanshu
6) Facilities:Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Clinic  Click Here


  1. SPECT-CT: The department has state of art dual head SPECT-CT (16 slice CT). Single photon emission tomography (SPECT) permits 3D reconstruction of data, increasing the sensitivity and anatomical localization of lesions in the skeleton, brain and heart.
  1. Thyroid Uptake probe
  2. TMT- Used for stress myocardial perfusion imaging.
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