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Department of Gastrosurgery
HOD: Dr. Anshuman Pandey
Start Of Department: 15/10/2010
About the department: Department of Surgical Gastroenterology was started with the inception of Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical scinces in the year 2010. It was initiated as an Out patient department and gradually it has seen an exponenential growth in patient care, teaching and research. Currently, the deaprtment has three faculty members with one Professor (Jr Grade), one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor. It has five full time senior residents and more than 40 decicated staff. The departement offers OPD and inpatient services for the patients of heaptobiliary & pancreatic surgery , upper and lower gastrointestinal luminal surgery, liver surgery etc., with a special focus on GI oncology. The department also runs speciality clinics for bariatric and meatabolic surgery and special stoma care clinic. Every day approx. 50 patients are seen in the OPD and more than 1000 patients are admitted and treated in the department annually. Patients are referred from all over but patients from eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are referred more frequently. Complex and major surgeries of G.I tract including hepatobiliary, colorectal and gastroesophageal surgeries form the bulk of surgeries. The department is equipped with state of the art Laparoscopic and 3D Laparoscopic facilities for the benefit of patients.GI Cancer patients are provided multidisciplinary care with collaboration of medical and radiation oncology at the institute.

Department is headed by Dr. Anshuman Pandey who isan alumnus of Allahabad Medical college and has had Surgical Gastroenterology training at SGPGI. He has been a faculty at the department of Surgical Gastroenterology, KGMU and has joined the institute in 2013. Under him the department has made considerable progress. He has special interest in the field of minimal invasive surgery including metabolic and bariatric surgery.
Location : Operation theatre, recovery ward and Surgical Gastroenterology ward are located together on the first floor of the hospital main building. OPD is located at ground floor OPD- 2 Room No. 43,44,45.
Intercom Extension no :
Ward: 3090,3101,3100
Recovery: 3093,3092,3091
OPD: 2221,2107
Senior Residents : Dr. Alankar Gupta, Dr. Nitin Goel, Dr. Khalid Noman, Dr. Ravi Gupta, Dr. Utkarsh Srivastava
Facilities : Surgical GastroenterologyO.P.D runs 5 days a week with speciality Bariatric and metabolic surgery OPD every Saturday. Currently there are 24 bed indoor ward with 3 post-op recovery beds. The Depatment runs two state of art operation theatre with all modern equipments like state of the art endovision system(HD Laparoscopy system,3D Laparoscopy system), energy sources(Harmonic scalpel, LigaSure etc.), Endoscopy system, Ultrasonic aspirators for solid viscera surgery, RFA etc.
Activities :    
                   Apart from the routine services the Department runs speciality clinics like the Bariartic and metabolic OPD and Stoma Care clinics. There are various programmes conducted for Morbid Obesity whrerein the patients form a self help group to help others contemplating treatment. This is done at least twice a year. Stoma care clinics are also run similarly for temporary and permanent stoma and the pateints help each other with institutional support for appliances at a reduced price. There are various newspaper and other print media awareness articles for various diseases. Guest faculty is also invited frquently for public lectures on various days by the department.
Teaching :    
                   Presently 5 full time senior residents are trained in the department for 1-3 years duration. Residents are involved in all the clinical and academic activities. Daily clinical rounds and patient discussion are in practice and each case is discussed before during and after operation or any intervention. There are weekly audits with seminars and case discussions. Presentation and participation in all the major national and international conferences are undertaken by the department from time to time. The resident have a hands on training by assisting and operating cases under guidance. Currently efforts are being undertaken to start 3 year Mch program in the department in the near future.

There are frquent in house training program for nursing staff about the equipments upkeep and development.
Area of Expertise:    
                   Carcinoma Gallbladder (Multimodality Management).
                   Metabolic & bariatric surgery.
                   Laparoscopic colorectal surgery.
                   Minimally invasive surgery.