• Objectives:
    1. Fulfill therapeutic nutritional requirements of patients considering their unique needs and wants.
    2. Generation of nutritional awareness among OPD patients as well as their relatives.
    3. Food preparation in hygienic conditions. Safety parameters are followed in the kitchen.
  • Location: OPD 1 Room no 5
  • Facilities:
    1. To provide holistic and integrated dietary services.
    2. To provide personalized diet instruction, menu planning, lifestyle and behavioral changes advice to insure a healthy nutritional plan.
    3. Plan and implement patient Diet therapy, education and counseling.
    4. To correct deficiencies, if any.
    5. To educate the patients about the various diet prescriptions.
  • Courses Offered: Dietary Internship for 6 months.
  • Areas of expertise:
    1. Nutrition management of adults.
    2. Nutrition management of pregnant and lactating women.
    3. Diabetic diet and calorie controlled diet.
    4. Nutritional management for renal disease.
    5. Nutritional management of heart disease.
    6. Nutritional management of gastrointestinal disorders.
    7. Nutritional management of liver disease.
    8. Paediatric nutrition.
    9. Nutrition management in cancer patients.
    10. Nutritional management of obesity and underweight.
    11. Nutritional management of celiac disease.
  • Staff: Ms Poonam Tiwari(Dietician)-View CV