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Department of Physiology
Head of Department: Dr Nitin Ashok John MBBS, MD, PGDMLE (Medical Law and Ethics), DIH, PGDHA.
About the department: Human physiology is the core branch of medical science which deals with the functions and processes that creates life. It explains about the internal workings of body organs and how they interact with the world around them. It deals with the general concepts, biophysical and biochemical principles that are basic to the function of all the body systems. Study in physiology considers growth and development, vascular control, hematological basics, respiratory function, gut and kidney function, endocrinology, neuroscience, as well as sensory and motor functions.

Main objectives of Department of Physiology in Dr RMLIMS, Lucknow is to create an excellent academic and research environment in the institute, and thus providing a platform for development of quality medical services with different laboratory set ups e.g. Autonomic functions lab, Pulmonary functions lab, Neurophysiology lab, Cardiovascular physiology lab, Sleep physiology lab, Exercise physiology lab and Yoga center. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students as well as research scholars will have the opportunity of developing their research skills and practical experience with advanced physiological platforms interfacing with the living organism and its integrations with other speciality and superspeciality departments in the institute.
Facilties :    
                   Lecture theatre with sitting capacity of 350 with interactive audio-visual system.
                   Hematology lab.
                   Clinical physiology lab.
                   Pulmonary function lab.
                   Amphibian lab.
                   Mammalian lab.
                   Demonstration lab with interactive audio-visual system.
                   Departmental library.
                   Seminar room- post graduate research lab.
Courses Offered: MBBS
Activities:   Department Of Physiology has Planned to organise CME, Workshop, Seminars, Journal Club & Quiz and faculty training programmes.
Activities in Research

Research project

Principle Investigator

Noise induced changes in auditory, autonomic, immunity and metabolic status in industrial workers

Dr Nitin Ashok John

Effect of Levothyroxine on PFT and Autonomic function test in Hypothroid patients

Dr Rajani Bala Jasrotia

Oxidative stress in patients of type2 diabetes and primary hypertension

Dr Vibha Gangwar

Pulmonary function profile and cardiopulmonary stress in building construction workers

Dr Manish Kumar Verma

Area of Expertise:    
                   Autonomic function lab.
                   Cardiovascular lab.
                   Pulmonary function test.
                   Sleep lab.
                   Neurology lab(EMG,EEG.NCV).
                   Exercise physiology lab.
                   Yoga lab.