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Department of Microbiology
1)HOD:-  Prof (Dr)M R Sen,Professor
                Dr. Vineeta Mittal,Additional Professor and HOD
                Dr. Manodeep Sen, Additional Professor
                Dr. Anupam Das, Associate Professor
2) Start date of the Department:- 9th October 2011
3) History:-The department had initially started serological services in 2011, which gradually expanded to conventional as well as automated state of art microbiological facilities.
4) Location:-The department is located at sixth floor, hospital building, Dr RMLIMS
5) Senior resident:- * Dr Gaurav Kumar, MBBS,MD
Bacteriology Lab
  • Bacteriology lab has facilities for isolation and identification of various pathogenic microbes and determining their antimicrobial susceptibility by conventional as well as automated methods. It has automated continuous monitoring system of blood culture for growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi. Automated culture method for anaerobic bacteria is also available.
Serology Lab
  • Serology lab has latex agglutination tests for ASO titres, CRP and Rheumatoid factor. It also has serologies for syphillis, enteric fever, and leptospirosis. Procalcitonin quantitative testing by VIDAS automated analyzer is also available as sepsis marker measurement.
Immunology Lab
  • Immunology lab has HIV testing according to NACO guidelines. Complete TORCH profile is also present. Dengue NS1Ag and IgM Ab ELISA is also available.
Mycobacteriology Lab(Tuberculosis laboratory)
  • Mycobateriology lab has state of art facilities. Conventional and Automated Culture (MGIT 320) is done for pulmonary as well as extrapulmonary samples. Culture is identified by tubercular from non tubercular mycobacteria. First /Second line anti-mycobacterial susceptibility testing by MGIT automated method is done. LPA molecular testing for identification of MDR patients is done in pulmonary samples. Real-time PCR for Tuberculosis is done in any samples ( except blood-not recommended)
Mycology Lab
  • Routine culture and identification of fungi and automated identification and susceptibility testing of yeasts is available .Latex agglutination test for Cryptococcus neoformans is done regularly.
Parasitology Lab
  • Identification of blood and enteric parasites is available. Rapid test for antigen detection of Malaria and Microfilaria and ELISA for cysticercosis and Echinococcus spp are also available.
Virology Lab
  • Virology lab has ELISA testing for complete profile of Hepatitis A, B, C, and E by manual as well as automated method. All markers of Hepatitis B are available ie HBe, HBc, HBs. Viral load estimation for Hepatitis B and C is started by IVD approved Cobas Techman Real-time PCR system by Roche.
7. Courses Offered:
  • Training/Dissertation for Graduates/Post graduates in Microbiology. MSc Microbiology and Biotechnology students from different universities have undergone training as well as dissertation in the department. Thirty one students have carried out their dissertation from this department in this year (till March 2013)
  • Teaching of technician, nurses & other paramedical staff: Bench side teaching for trainee/technicians occurs regularly. Nurses of the hospital are routinely taught basic microbiology and optimized techniques for blood collection in vacutainers. Time to time necessary instructions for control of hospital infections are discussed with chief nursing officer.
  • PG/PhD  Courses as Co-Investigator are running
8. Activities:
a) Symposium/workshop/CME/Public health lectures Organized:
  • Public health lectures Organized :
  Department of Microbiology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (Dr RMLIMS) celebrated World Health Day 2016 and World TB Day together on 7th April,2016 at Mini auditorium, Gomtinagar, Lucknow upon the theme of "Diabetes and Tuberculosis".
  • UPMICROCON 2016 Organised :
  Department of Microbiology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (Dr RMLIMS) celebrated World Health Day 2016 and World TB Day together on 7th April,2016 at Mini auditorium, Gomtinagar, Lucknow upon the theme of "Diabetes and Tuberculosis".
  • Public health lectures Organized :
  World hepatitis day is celebrated every year on 28th July. On this occasion, Gastro medicine and microbiology department of Dr RMLIMS organised a patient awareness, screening and vaccination programme. This programme was inaugurated by Director RMLIMS and a book on hepatitis B awareness written by Dr Prashant Verma was released by Director and Medical Superintendent. On this day a large number of patients were screened free of charge and patients with negative report were given first dose of hepatitis B vaccination.
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